About me


 When I was a child my sister and I used to play with our lamp-globe. We switched off the lights, turned on our globe and had fun spinning it hard. Then we randomly pointed our finger on it, just for the thrill of seeing where the fate would take us.


The name of the website is coming from there, from that innocent game and from my early dreaming on far away places.


I usually do not like standing in the spotlight. Most of the people would probably think that I am a bit of a shy person. Though, since I decided to set up this site I need to give you all a few pieces of information about me and my environment.


My name is Claudia, I live in Lecco, a tiny town on Lake Como. You will not find a single movie theatre in Lecco, but if you are looking for a great scenario framed by gorgeous mountains and a lake, well, I can tell you, that is the place!


I work as a human resources administration specialist for a French corporation in Milan. Anyway, my biggest passion, what really gives me enthusiasm, is travelling, planning the next trip and enjoying outdoor life.


When I travel I always try to find good compromises between relax and active life. I love hiking, snorkeling, canyoning, rafting and experiencing whatever the place I am in offers me. I must tell you though, that I do not despise lying on a beach or going to wellness centers, or sitting under the shades of a tree with a good book. Visiting cities with their local markets and tasting food also gives me unlimited satisfaction.


First rule for me is good planning. Every trip requires dedicated and careful preparation in order to avoid bad surprises. That is the reason why I spend so much time surfing the internet, looking for the largest amount of available information about the places I will be reaching during my travels. Reading tons of reviews on different accomodations, trying to fit in impossible transportation timetables, flushing out the best offers on flights fares is part of the game.


What can be extremely boring for the majority becomes engaging for me! Once all the puzzle pieces are on the table I just put them together. There it is! My brand new adventure is taking shape. The best route has been found and I am ready to enjoy the best experience.


Feeling too busy to plan a tour? Not finding the right hotel or the cheapest flight? Have you simply got information you want to share? Do you just need some advice? Spin the globe! Close your eyes , point your finger and ...


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