Canyoning Experience in the wild Bodengo Valley

Have fun in the crystal clear waters of the Boggia river, between falls and natural pools.

The Bodengo Valley is one of the less known and attended valleys in Sondrio district (Lombardy, Italy) because of its rough environment and its wild and lush nature.

It is 10 km long and crossed by the Boggia river, an impetuous stream that, in its march to the bottom,create deep pools and breathtaking waterfalls and slides.

I'm bringing you in the reign of canyoning. Whether you are an expert or at your first try, unleash your spirit for adventure and don't miss this amazing route, you'll feel great emotions.


The access to Bodengo Valley is in Gordona, a tiny village with a little more than 1,800 inhabitants in Sondrio district, at about 15 km from the Switzerland border.



Gordona - Chiavenna

5 km

Gordona - Bodengo

9 km

Gordona – Switzerland border

15 km

Gordona - Sankt Moritz

52 km

Gordona - Sondrio

59 km

Gordona - Lecco (Lake Como)

62 km

Gordona - Milan

117 km



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How to get there

The Bodengo Valley can be reached only by car. From Gordona you have to take the toll road that goes to Bodengo. It’s 10 km long with many bends and a great panorama.

You can buy the ticket in one of the bars in Gordona. It costs 6 euros per car per day and 9 euros per car per 2 days. Remember to tell the bartender the license plate, it ‘ll be printed on the ticket.


Where to buy the ticket


BAR SAN MARTINO Piazza San Martino 14 - 23020 Gordona (SO)

Phone number: 0343 42774


BAR LA FUSS Via Roma 2 - 23020 Gordona (SO)

Phone number: 0343 42303



Via degli Emigranti, 14, 23020 Gordona (SO)


Phone number: 0343 41332 


I suggest to get an accomodation in Chiavenna, a pretty little town near the access to Bodengo Valley.

Here are some proposals:


Hotel San Lorenzo     (Excellent 8.6)

B&B Nonna Costantina       (Exceptional 9.5)

B&B CAV Rondinella      ( Veru Goodv 8.4)

La Sciora Oliva       (Wonderful 9.2)

Angolo di pace     (Exceptional 10)


Didn't you find what you are looking for ? Ask for help or make your own research in the box below:

The canyoning experience

If you want to book your adrenaline-filled descent along the Boggia river you can call the phone number +39 335 54 70 126 or send an e mail to

Pascal, a mountain guide and canyoning instructor, will answer you and he'll give you all the information you need.

If you choose the morning shift, usually the meeting point is in front of the church in Gordona at 8.45 am, so you can go up the valley all togheter. If you choose the afternoon shift, the meeting point is at the canyoning school in Pra Pincee hamlet, in Bodengo Valley at 2 pm.

Being able to swim is mandatory, while children are admitted if they are at least 10 years and in company of one of their parents.

The equipment is entirely provided by the organization: a Wetsuit 5 mm thick and neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness. Bring with you only your swimsuit and a towel.


According to your level, you can choose the path that fits better for you.


Blue path – Beginners

If it’s your first time with canyoning the blue path is for you.

It is not so challenging but you have anyway the chance to gain confidence with the river environment and with the basic techniques of this amazing sport like jumps, slides, waterfalls and the use of ropes. It is 2,5 – 3 hours long and it costs 60 € per person and 100 € for an adult + a teenager.

The price includes: the canyoning guide, a wetsuit 5 mm thick and neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness, insurance.


Red path - intermediate level

This is harder than the blue one because it is longer and more thecnical. There are many rock walls you have to tackle with ropes, deeper pools and higher jumps. You can chose this path if you have had this kind of experience before and you feel yourself in a good shape. It is 4 hours long and it costs 75 € per person.

 The price includes: the canyoning guide, a wetsuit 5 mm thick and neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness, insurance.

Red and black path - upper intermediate level

Long and hard path that needs experience and endurance. It is half day long (about 4 - 5 hours) and it costs 85 € per person. At the end of the path there are 40 minutes walk to go back to the starting point.

The price includes: the canyoning guide, a wetsuit 5 mm thick and neoprene socks, canyoning shoes, helmet and harness, insurance.


Black path - advanced level

This path consists in the complete descent of the Boggia River, from Bodengo to Gordona, in about 6-8 hours. It is a spectacular, intense and total involving path dedicated to all the expert people. Bring with you energetic bars, you'll need them. The price depends on the number of participants and as usual it includes the whole equipment. 


If you want you can rent a water resistant camera for 20 €. Bring with you a memory card or all your pics will be sent to your e mail address at the end of the day. If you prefer you can fix your gopro on the helmet provided by the canyoning school.

For further information:

At the end of your canyoning experience, near the headquarter of the school, there's the farmhouse Sosta Pincee where you can enjoy tasty dishes such as the famous white pizzoccheris of the Chiavenna Valley. You deserve them !


To the next adventure...

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